Our mission is to make the science of genomic medicine accessible to all

Our story

Headshot of Frank Austin Nothaft, PhD

Frank Austin Nothaft, PhD

Founder, CEO

“I'm a computer scientist who started working in genomics because I was inspired by the potential for computing to help in cancer. After working in both genomic diagnostics and research, I am continuously inspired by how much cancer treatment and genomic medicine have advanced in a short time.”

“In the autumn of 2023, I was helping two people close to me navigate genomic testing for cancer screening and treatment. They both found it extremely challenging to follow the complex jargon around genomics and cancer.”

“Genomics has been at the vanguard of open science in medicine; this open mindset helps scientists to share ideas and knowledge with each other. However, it stops a bit short of what patients need: to be empowered when making care decisions, we are asking patients to learn a new, complex field (genomics) while juggling their lives and their care. We need to make it easier for patients to find the information that is most relevant to their personal circumstances.”

Our vision:

What we believe

Precision medicine can help us match the best healthcare to our unique condition and biology, but its complexity is daunting to navigate.

We envision a world where we all feel empowered in our healthcare decisions because we are confident that we understand our health and treatment options.

We are structuring the world's healthcare evidence so that everybody, everywhere, has 24/7 access to an easy-to-understand view of their personal health record, annotated with the best medical knowledge that is available.

Our team blends together science and technology to build the future of patient-centered, open scientific knowledge.

Our culture:

How we work

We are experimentalists who iterate rapidly and use data to drive decisions. We are structured as a public benefit corporation to ensure that centering patient's perspectives and supporting open science is at the core of everything we do.

  • We strive for transparency, accuracy, and clarity.
  • We strive for simple and explainable methods.
  • We strive for rigor and learning.